big love

I haven’t been getting ready too much over winter holiday. Since I don’t have work or classes I have been lounging in comfy clothes and been keeping my face bare (things that don’t appear to photogenic for me!) But after some very intense cleaning this afternoon I did get ready and go out for an early dinner with Chris, courtesy of Christmas gift cards!

These pictures are from last Thursday or Friday, I believe. I actually didn’t take many photos and these are from my dad. But they are all of us together (minus my sister, she hadn’t arrived yet) making sugar cookies. I had so much flour all over me afterwards—my hands, my sweater sleeves, and stomach! But the cookies tasted delicious and I hogged the majority of them.

Unrelated, my hair has been a complete mess. I need to touch up my roots and get my bangs/fringe trimmed! My bangs are so long that all I’ve been doing is pinning them up. Payday come soon so I can schedule a hair appointment!